Doom Unit

In the spring 2009, Doom Unit’s debut single “Killing Time” went straight on a high rotation on finnish radio channels and also added as a trailer song of the TV serial Harper’s Island on TV4. “Killing Time” kept the peak position of Radio Rock Store’s best selling album list for months. Over 800 bands competed on the Radio Rock Starba competition in 2009 and Doom Unit catched the wanted prize! The band’s hit song “Killing Time” won Radio Rock’s Starba contest, but the song was originally composed for the horror film Skeleton Crew.

The victory of Radio Rock’s Starba contest

Radio Rock’s head of music, Mr. Mikko Koivusipilä described the winner band as follows: “Doom Unit is a really unusual combination. The band is startling, but stands on a ground, original, radio friendly and credible at the same time. The guys seem to be rational, but they look and they are real rockers.” Doom Unit’s genre can be defined as a traditional heavy metal, which meets modern hard rock.

Recording deal, albums and gigs

Doom Unit made the recording deal with the famous indiependent label Hype Records and its debut album “Cross the Line” reached #2 in the album charts and was the first rock debut album hitting the charts in Finland this year. The follower “The Burden of Bloom” (2011) hit TOP20 and the latest “III” (2013) entered #12, which was released Warner Music Finland.



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